Calming Traffic

Traffic surveys indicate that over 9,000 vehicles pass through Upton center daily. For pedestrians, crossing Main St (Rte. 140) is especially dangerous during peak travel times. The number of roads all converging on the center makes it difficult and dangerous for cars to navigate through the Town Center, especially coming from Grove Street. Mass DOT has a major project in the planning stage to repave and improve Rte 140 from Williams Street through Upton Center. Mass DOT has agreed to work closely with our town to reconfigure and improve our downtown intersection. There are several proposed options under consideration. Specific goals include: 


  1. Slow traffic entering Upton Center

  2. Improve intersections in Upton Center

  3. Improve walkability of Center by improving sidewalks and crosswalks

  4. Improve streetscape with benches, street trees, plants, attractive lighting, art, signage, etc.

  5. Improve bike facilities within the center including providing safe and comfortable bike lanes and adding bike parking

  6. Improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities to adjacent neighborhoods, West Upton, Heritage Park, Kiwanis Beach, and Upton State Forest

  7. Explore options for simplifying the main intersection in Upton Center, including: realigning Grove Street, closing Warren St, realigning North Main St, a roundabout