Upton Center Project Goals

The following list of goals was assembled through several hours of discussions from the many residents that participated in a series of workshops that took place in the first three months of 2019. These ten goals reflect specific areas of interest and are intended to guide the project as we move towards the vision. While this list is not exhaustive, the working group believes it reflects many of the core objectives. 

  1. Activate Upton Center and make it the heart of community life in the Town.

  2. Attract businesses that are local serving and that result in positive tax revenue. 

  3. Provide housing with diverse unit sizes and costs that meet the needs of all of Upton’s people.

  4. Site the Library/Upton Center and Historical Society Museum within walking distance of Town Hall, if possible. If possible means if there is a site that is adequate to meet the needs of the facilities.

  5. Maintain village scale and building types. New buildings should be no more than three stories.

  6. Act on the town's strong preference for rehabilitating and reusing the Holy Angels Church.

  7. Slow traffic in Upton Center. 

  8. Improve sidewalks in Upton Center.

  9. Improve the function of open spaces and connect them to existing open spaces.

  10. Provide adequate parking.


This diagram below summarizes the project and the core components that it includes.

Project Diagram 2.png

The concept map below represents one possible option for a Town Center design that supports the vision. Note that existing buildings are drawn in grey. Opportunities for new civic and commercial building are drawn in brown. Brown lines represent safer walkways. Look closely and you will see that the map proposes the realignment of Grove St and Church St. This map is a proposed idea only, not a formal plan

Town Vision conceptual map