A micro-brewery?

January 14 2020

The EDC has met with a small brewery which is interested in opening a family-friendly brewery in Upton Center. They are considering leasing space in the former body shop between Town Hall and United Parish Church. They are actively seeking investment to enable them to move this project forward, in advance of but compatible with the master plan. They presented their plans (and free beer!) at a recent public presentation. Stay tuned for further updates!

Design review for selectmen

January 7 2020

The RFP committee spent an hour reviewing the draft design standards for the Upton Center Business District with the Board of Selectmen. More details about the meeting can be seen in the Town Crier article, and the standards document is on the town website. Feedback from residents is encouraged.

Warren Street closure

January 7 2020

At the urging of the Economic Development Committee, the Board of Selectmen voted to close a short section of Warren Street that runs from Nelson Street to Main Street. This closure will be for an indefinite period and will allow work on redesigning the parking lot next to Town Hall to begin in the spring. The Vision that was approved at the May 2019 Town Meeting called for this section of road to close to improve pedestrian safety, handicapped parking and improve traffic safety at the intersection in Upton Center. 

Hopkinton Road improvement

Spring 2020

Have you noticed stakes with orange flags along Hopkinton Road? They start at the intersection of Westboro Road at Pratt Pond and go all the way to Hopkinton town line. The state will start a much-anticipated major road project this spring. This Transportation Improvement Project (TIP) has two phases. The first phase will include re-aligning the School Street to Westboro Road intersection and adding a TRAFFIC LIGHT. The road will be re-paved from there to the Hopkinton town line. Work will likely begin in spring and, needless to say, commuters need to plan ahead. Phase 2 of this TIP will take place in 2021 and will include revamping the Rte 140 Hartford Ave intersection in West Upton Center and adding a turning signal. A new crosswalk will be added for our seniors who live at Coach Road Apartments complete with a button to activate a blinking yellow pedestrian crossing sign. A turning lane into Dunkin Donuts will also be added and the road will be re-paved from the traffic light up to Pratt Pond. A new sidewalk and granite curbing will also be added on one side of the road.

Creating a Request for Proposal

Summer–Fall 2019

The RFP Committee continues to work hard, carefully crafting the Request for Proposal document that upholds the vision approved at Town Meeting. Once completed, qualified developers will be able to submit proposals that can then be carefully reviewed by a selection committee. RFP development is detailed and may, therefore, require collaboration with a professional RFP consultant (pending award of a state grant). Seven committee members and one alternate have been selected, drawn from various sectors of the community. 

Small Business Fair

September 28th 2019

The Upton Economic Development Committee organized a successful Small Business Fair that took place on Heritage Weekend to promote and encourage the growth of local small businesses. Find out much more here.

State Officials Meeting

June 25th 2019

An open meeting was held at the Upton Town Hall with representatives from the state and Rep. Muradian to explain our vision and ask for help with moving it forward. You can read about the meeting here.