Local Businesses

Did you know that 96% of our taxes come directly from home owners and landowners?  By encouraging local small businesses into town, that would go a long way in hopefully creating a better balance between residential and commercial taxes.


The desire to have businesses in downtown Upton stems from 3 main objectives:


  1. To offer businesses the opportunity to serve Upton and to allow Upton residents to shop in their community instead of having to leave town to shop.

  2. Encourage people from outside Upton to visit our community and support businesses right here in Upton.

  3. To supplement our tax base and perhaps lessen the burden on the current residents.


The vision is to bring in small local businesses that would occupy the street level of mixed-use properties in downtown Upton. What are small local businesses?  They could include a coffee shop with tables and comfortable seating in a warm, embracing environment. There could also be a lovely little gift shop with some mainstream, along with unusual gift items…maybe even offer an array of greeting cards. Wouldn’t it be lovely to stroll in our new re-vitalized town center and enjoy an ice cream? ​


If you can dream it, then it can happen. Our job, as Upton residents, is to support these businesses so they can make a profit, thrive and become a vital part of our community.