Connectivity, Open Space and Recreation

Providing easy access to the local buildings, services, businesses, and recreation areas is critical to making downtown safe, accessible, and desireable. Center Brook separates parts of downtown, so providing connecting bridges and pathways could bring this area together. Providing adequate parking with easy access to the many locations will encourage visitors and make everything accessible for residents and visitors of all ages. 


  1. Improve walkability of Town Center

  2. Expand connectivity to existing town parks and open space areas

  3. Create a path network along and across Center Brook

  4. Work toward making the town center a place where people park once and then walk to multiple destinations

  5. Improve the Common with additional benches, more plants, and safer connections to the Common from sidewalks on adjacent streets

  6. Create other small "park" areas in the Center

  7. Add businesses inviting pedestrian use

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