Additional Tax Opportunities

Did you know that 96% of our taxes come directly from home and landowners?  Encouraging local small businesses to operate in downtown Upton would add additional tax revenues which will help offset some of our residential taxes. The $7,000 of real estate tax generated from our current downtown area could exceed $80,000, based on a $6,000,000 privately owned structure.


To achieve this goal, the Town has an opportunity to create new zoning for Upton Center that would encourage and regulate this type of growth. In addition, the proposed zoning changes would be implemented in such a way so as to give current property owners in Upton Center more options for using their property. For example, under proposed zoning, a homeowner could open a small business on the first floor of their home, something that is not allowed by the current zoning. 


Re-zoning Upton Center would enable mixed-use development, small businesses, professional offices, and a variety of housing options.​