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...and what a new downtown can become!

Upton Town Meeting on May 2 2019 voted to go ahead with the first phase of the downtown revitalization project.

At Town Meeting on November 5 2019, the town voted for the next big steps to move the project forward. We are moving closer to a revitalized downtown!

These are some of the highlights of the project:

  • The Economic Development Committee (EDC) led a project to design a new downtown for Upton. You can read a 146-page report on the background and the initial vision at the town's website here.

  • A new zoning bylaw was approved to help o make the vision a reality. This zone is known as the UPTON CENTER BUSINESS DISTRICT (UCBD). new parking by-law is was also approved.

  • A key component of the plan is a new building that will serve as community center, library, and senior center. Town Meeting approved funds for a detailed design of this important new building.

  • The town has acquired the abandoned building at 6 Main Street, with a plan to demolish it in support of the core zone of the new district.

You can email the EDC at economicdevelopment@uptonma.gov with questions or concerns.  

On May 2, 2019, Upton Town Meeting approved the Downtown Revitalization Project. Learn all about the vision, what it will take to implement it, and how you can help.

On November 5, 2019, Upton Town Meeting approved the next steps: a new zoning bylaw, funding to design the new community center, and approval to acquire a derelict building. Thank you!

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A micro-brewery?

January 14 2020

A micro-brewery is interested in setting up in our downtown, across Warren St from the Town Hall.

Draft design review

January 7 2020

The RFP committee presented the draft design standards to the selectmen. See the current document on the town website, here.

Closing Warren Street

January 7 2020

The Board of Selectmen has decided to approve the closure of the south end of Warren Street.

The Transport Improvement Project

Spring 2020

The much-anticipated improvement of Hopkinton road will get underway in the spring of 2020. More here.

November 2019 Town Meeting

November 5 2019

Town Meeting approved three important steps to advance the downtown project.

Creating a Request for Proposal

Summer 2019 onward

The RFP Committee continues to work hard, carefully crafting the Request for Proposal document that upholds the vision approved at Town Meeting. 

Small Business Fair

September 28 2019

The Upton Economic Development Committee organized a successful Small Business Fair on Heritage Weekend. Find out more here.

State Officials Meeting

June 25 2019

An open meeting with state officials and Rep. Muradian explained our vision and asked for help with moving it forward. You can read about the meeting here.

May 2019 Town Meeting

May 2 2019

Upton Town Meeting gave the downtown revitalization project the go-ahead. We're on our way!

Resident-driven planning

January-May 2019

A volunteer group of residents, of varying backgrounds and with varying interests, helped the Economic Development Committee imagine a new Upton.

All Residents

Learn more about the Upton Vision

Getting Involved

Tell me how to get involved in the project

Small Business

Learn about the outreach to Upton's small businesses

Imagine if downtown Upton could be reinvented as a traditional New England village center and the heart of community life in our town, like it was in the early 1900s. Imagine if a sense of place could be created with a mix of historic buildings and classically designed new buildings surrounding the Town Common. The largest buildings are the historic civic and religious structures that occupy the most prominent locations. New buildings have a traditional New England small-town look and feel. And they were appropriately scaled and built with traditional New England style architecture, reminiscent of the Town’s heyday.


Imagine new buildings that would provide spaces for restaurants, cafes and local service businesses.  Imagine that above the retail space there are new apartments with a range of sizes and rents that become home to new and long-time residents of Upton. Imagine that when motorists approach Upton Center on Route 140, they do so slowly so they can enjoy seeing our beautiful town center and the people that are out and about within the area. Imagine if visitors could park once and stroll around downtown to visit our library, the Historical Society Museum, attend an event, buy something to eat, sit on the common, or walk to Heritage Park, the Polly Bradish House, or Kiwanis Beach through a connected walkway.


Imagine if it were easy to stroll along paths beside Center Brook, or walk on sidewalks that are safe, well connected and attractive, including many places to sit, trees along the street, lush planters, and decorative light fixtures. 


Imagine an Upton town center that every resident is proud of, enjoys visiting, and services the needs of the diverse population who lives within the community.

A Vision for Downtown Upton

Upton Town Center Map 1870.png

A Downtown that Honors our History and Reflects New England Charm

Upton has a rich past and retains several historic buildings inside our downtown area. Upton Town Hall was built in 1884, renovated in 2014 and is listed on the National Historic Registry. Preserving our history is critical to the vision.